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Accidental Car Removal

accident car removals

When you have a vehicle that has been involved in an auto collision contact Central Car Removal for a Free Accidental Car Removal.  We offer quick and convenient removals for vehicles that have been involved in a collision; and, we don’t load the vehicle until we make an exchange of cash for your wrecked auto.  We buy wrecked and accident cars and pay up to $9,999.

Call us at02 8011 1075

Central Car Removal removes accident vehicles at no cost to the vehicle owner.  While we make the process to have your auto removed is quite simple, we do require that you own the vehicle, and are ready to sell it.  We buy accident vehicles of every condition, and pay cash for the vehicle at the time of its removal.  We are a car removal company on the Central Coast that has a great reputation for being the Car Removal company that is the one to call for a fair cash offer and quick and easy car removal.

Cash for Accident Cars Central Coast

Collisions can leave a vehicle in a wrecked condition; or, a condition that has the owner feeling as though they’d rather upgrade then repair the vehicle.  Either way, Central Car Removal pays cash for accidental cars.  We are a company that will remove your vehicle at no cost to you (provided you are the owner), and pay cash.  While your vehicle may be in totaled or wrecked condition, it has a good recyclable value.  Our company is one that buys vehicles for that purpose.  To wreck and recycle vehicles, leaving our customers with cash for the sale of their wrecked car.

Accidental Truck & 4×4 Removal Central Coast

Whether your vehicle is in the ditch, or it is just old and broken down, Central Coast Car Removal will remove your truck or 4×4 at no cost, and pay you cash.  We remove wrecked vehicles of every type:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  •  Utes
  •  Jeeps
  • 4WDs
  •  Buses
  •  Bikes
  • Vans
  •  Commercial Vehicles

Whatever the level of damage to your auto, whatever make & model, we offer a free accidental truck or 4WD removal Central Coast.

Eco-Friendly Car Disposals

When you have a vehicle that has been involved in a collision, often the owner has no choice but to have the vehicle wrecked.  Other times, the owner wishes to upgrade to a newer model.  Vehicle owners that are in the situation where their auto has been involved in an accident have an Accidental Car Buyer when they contact Central Coast Car Removal.  Our business is to offer our customers fair cash value for their vehicles that no longer serve their purpose like autos that have been involved in a collision.  Our standard is to practice eco-friendly car disposals that pollute the environment the least and put the most cash in the hands of our customers.  At Central Coast Car Removal, we are the company that you can count on for the best services in car buying & removals!

How It Works

When you have a vehicle you’d like to sell, simply contact Central Coast Car Removal letting us know the details of your vehicle, and that you’d like a cash quote and free car removal.  We can be reached:

With one call, you will have a cash figure amount for your vehicle, and can then schedule a Free Accidental Car Removal Central Coast should you accept our offer!  That easy, that quick!

Call us at02 8011 1075

Central Coast Car Removals
Central Coast Car Removals