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Car Removals & Auto Buyers Mooney Mooney

If we don’t make you the offer for your vehicle you hope for, we will likely come close.  Central Coast Car Removal Mooney Mooney pays Cash for Cars of any make & condition up to $9999. We are the Number 1 Auto Buyers in Mooney Mooney because we make fair cash offers.

Call us 02 8011 1075

Cash for Cars Mooney Mooney

Sold! Cash Sale! Free Car Removal. We say everything you want to hear. Central Coast Car Removals buys Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Utes, Jeeps, Commercial Vehicles, 4WDs,     Buses & Bikes of any make and condition. We are the Car Buyers that will make the offer you’ve been waiting to hear. A

Cash for Cars offers up to $9999 Cash!

We have the buying power to purchase your:

Used, Scrap, Accident, Wrecked, Damaged, Salvage, Fire, Flooded, Unwanted, Broken, Old, Etc.

And, we have the buying power to offer you the best price. We are the Auto Buyers in Mooney Mooney that it pays to call.

Eco-Friendly Car Disposals Mooney Mooney

When the environment is a concern, you don’t want to dispose of your vehicle with anyone that isn’t a Car Recycler. Central Coast Car Removal is your Car Recycler that has made a commitment to the environment to keep it green. We don’t create hazards to the environment when we are hired for your Car Disposals. We practice eco-friendly Car Disposals that implement the Green Principles of Car Recycling, so there are no dangerous pollutants and toxins creeping into the environment. Our Green Car Recycling means that your vehicle is recycled to its fullest value and any parts, metal, steel and interiors that are not recycled and recondition will be properly contained and disposed of.

Fast Car Removals Mooney Mooney

Get your vehicle out of your vehicle out of your yard the same day you decide it’s time to clear some space. Central Coast Car Removal is your Auto Buyer that offers Same Day Car Removals so that you have the convenience of getting rid of your vehicle when you want to get rid of it. Our policy is to schedule removals at times convenient for our customers, regardless of the hour. Day or night, give us a call for a Free Car Removal anywhere in Mooney Mooney, scheduled when you like as our Car Removal technicians work 24 hours a day.


Why Choose Us?

Central Coast Car Removal is a licenced & insured Car Buyer & Wrecker that buys any make and condition of a vehicle. We are established and reputable as a company that doesn’t take advantage of our customers.

We provide vehicle owners with courteous removal services that we have designed to cater to our customers. Services like:

Instant cash quotes – no wasting time is deciding if you want to sell your vehicle to us, we’ll make you an instant cash quote over the phone or online.

Instant cash payments – we pay up to $9999 for vehicles of any make and condition and pay cash on the spot.

Free car removals – wherever you are at on the Central Coast, we’ll remove your vehicle for free.

Free eco-friendly car disposals –  we practice Green Car Recycling, so you get an eco-friendly Car Disposal when you sell your vehicle to us.

Provide the paperwork – we come with the sales contract and any necessary paperwork, so all you need to be concerned about is reading the contract and making sure your pen has ink.

At Central Coast Car Removal, you get services that surpass other Car Buyers on the Central Coast.

Call us at 02 8011 1075

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Central Coast Car Removals
Central Coast Car Removals