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Car Removals & Wreckers Gosford, NSW

Get the advantage when Selling Your Auto. Contact Central Coast Car Removal. We guarantee to put fair Cash in your hands. Cash as high as $9999. You won’t spend days to weeks getting your vehicle sold.  One call, and we’ll buy your vehicle.

Get A Cash for Cars Quote Today. Give Us A Call at 02 8011 1075

At Central Coast Car Removal, you get:

Cash for Cars Gosford

Cash for Cars payments up to $9999; and, no waiting for the cash. We are Car Buyers in Gosford that make instant Cash or Cars payments. Cash that leaves you feeling that you have received a fair price for your unwanted auto of any make & condition. We don’t require that you fix or repair the vehicle, nor do we require that you bring the vehicle to us. When you sell your auto to Central Coast Car Removal, you have a Car Buyer that makes the Selling Process quick and hassle free.

  1. You contact us for a Cash for Cars quote.
  2. Accept or reject our offer.
  3. Schedule a Free Car Removal.
  4. Count your cash.

We Buy Any Make & Condition of Vehicle

Whether a scrap vehicle sitting in your yard or a used vehicle that runs perfectly or needs a few repairs, Central Coast Car Removal will buy your vehicle without bias. We buy any make, model, age and condition of a vehicle, making fair cash offers.

Free Car Removals Gosford

Do away with the concern or cost of towing your vehicle to a Car Removal company. Central Coast Car Removal includes free Car Removals anywhere in Gosford with each vehicle we purchase. Our Car Removal technicians cater to the hours of our customers, offering 24-hour Car Removals. Schedule a convenient time to have your vehicle removed, and get the cash from its sale regardless of its condition.


Why Choose Us?

Central Coast Car Removal is a licenced and insured Auto Buyer that:

Makes Instant Cash for Cars Quotes – get a quote over the phone or through our web page.

Makes instant Cash for Cars Payments – you get paid at the time we remove your vehicle.

Takes Scrap, Damaged & Wrecked vehicle to recycle – we are Green Car Recyclers in Gosford that dispose of your vehicle in an environmentally sound manner.

Provides Free Car Removals anywhere in Gosford – we come to your location and remove your vehicle for free.

We buy any make & condition of vehicle – when you have an auto to sell, we will buy it whether it is a wrecked truck, used and in mint condition 4WD, damaged car, rusted SUV, salvaged van, scrap SUV, etc.

We provide the paperwork – at Central Coast  Car Removal, you have a Car Buyer that provides the sales contract, so all you have to do is sign the contract and all liability of the vehicle is transferred to us.

When we buy your auto – when we buy your auto, all that you have to do is to sign over the title o ownership or scrap title for the vehicle, and we do all the rest. All loading, removing and transporting the vehicle is in the house.

Get Your Auto Sold Today. Call Central Coast Car Removal, and we’ll make you a Cash for Cars offer that is fair. We buy Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVS, Utes, Jeeps, 4x4s, Buses & Bikes for up to $9999 CASH.

Call us at 02 8011 1075

Central Coast Car Removals
Central Coast Car Removals