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Scrap Car Removal

Scrap Car Removals

Any make, any model, any level of damage, Central Coast Car Removal will buy your vehicle!  We are a Car Removal company on the Central Coast that never passes up the chance to make an offer on a vehicle for sale.  And, your car removal is always free!  Just give us a call at the number below.

Call us at 02 8011 1075

Don’t hassle with towing, don’t look high and low for an auto wrecker, or hear that your vehicle has no value.  Get the most Cash for Scrap Cars value and a Free Car Removal when you contact Central Coast Car Removal.  We are a company on the Central Coast that collects vehicles any hour of the day, any day of the year.

Our car removals work like this:

  • You contact a car appraiser at Central Coast Car Removal and let them know you’d like your vehicle removed.
  • Our car appraiser will ask you the details of your vehicle, including the odometer reading, vehicle identification number, and a complete description of the vehicle. This is merely so we can provide you with a Cash for Scrap Cars Quote– regardless of whether you have intentions to sell the vehicle for cash, or you simply want it removed from your yard.
  • Our cash offer will have to be accepted, and once it is, you can schedule your free car removal anywhere on the Central Coast.
  • Our car removal technicians are quick, and always schedule car removals at times of our customers’ conveniences.  With a crew of removal technicians, we can typically be to our customers’ location in a matter of a few hours.  Once our technician arrives, we will then quickly inspect the vehicle, and provide you with the cash!

There is never a fee for towing, nor a service charge of any sorts.

What Will You Do with My Scrap Car?

At Central Coast Car Removal we collect scrap cars to wreck and recycle.  This is how we can offer our customers the best cash for the exchange of their scrap car.

What Do I Need to Sell My Car to Central Coast Car Removal?

  • At Central Coast Car Removal, we make the process to sell your vehicle one that is as carefree as possible.  We only require a few documents, which include:
  • The title of ownership to your vehicle – This will need to be signed over to Central Coast Car Removal at the time of your Scrap Car Removal Central Coast
  • Your photo ID – Our technician will confirm your identity at the time we remove your vehicle
  • The plates to your vehicle removed – If for some reason you cannot remove the plates, simply ask our technician at the time he arrives to inspect and remove your vehicle

How Much Cash Is My Scrap Car Worth?

That will depend on different factors of your vehicle.  For instance, if you have a scrap car that the body can be crushed without much work, or one that is a model like an SUV (that weighs more than sedans), etc. you will be quoted a higher price.  At Central Coast Car Removal, we make fair cash offers based on the different factors of the vehicle, including its size, weight, precious metals and steel.

Contact Us Today

For a free scrap car removal, simply contact Central Coast Car Removal for a Cash for Scrap Cars offer.  We can be reached at the number below or through our Ask For Our Price form located at the top right of this page.  We are your car buyer that guarantees a Quick, Fast, Convenient, and always Cash sale!

Call us at 02 8011 1075

Central Coast Car Removals
Central Coast Car Removals