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Why Should You Use A Car Removal Service?

Posted On November 3rd, 2016

When deciding to Sell or Dispose your car, you are often faced with the question of what to opt for. You can Sell your Car to a private buyer, or drop it off at the wrecking yard. But, either way you won’t get as much cash out of your vehicle. It is best to contact a Car Removal company as they will give you Cash in hand for your cars and will carry out the procedure free of cost.

Cash on the Spot

With Car Removal companies, the advantage is that no matter what the condition of your car, you will always be given a fair amount of cash. The amount will be decided based on the condition, model, make, age, and, in some cases, the weight of your car. At Central Coast Car Removals, we accept cars of all conditions, including Used, Scrap, Accident Damaged, Old and Wrecked Cars.

Car Removal companies will pay you the cash on the spot and at your doorstep, which makes their services the most convenient and reliable ones to opt for.

Vehicle Dismantling 

As citizens of Australia, it’s important for us to care for the environment that surrounds us and that includes being thoughtful when deciding to dispose our vehicles. Car Removal services are considered the most beneficial in this case as they dispose all vehicles in an eco-friendly way.

The scrap and old vehicles that they remove are taken to their scrap yards where they have teams of Auto Dismantlers that dispose the vehicle through an environmentally friendly process. The vehicle is first stripped to a bare body and in that process, recyclable and reusable parts, such as the engine and catalytic converter are removed. What’s left is then crushed to create scrap metal that is stored for further uses in various industries.

Central Coast Car Removal

Car Removal companies offer a simple procedure for you to follow where much of the work is done by them and at your convenience. They provide you with a quote free of cost, coordinate a time and place for pickup according to your availability, carry out the removal process by themselves, bring all the paperwork for you to sign and dispose the car themselves too!

All you have to do is give them a call, tell them your location and count your cash. An added bonus is that you’ll also feel satisfied because you saved the environment from hazardous fluids.

At Central Coast Car Removals, you’ll be able to experience all these positives in one service and will have your car removed in a hassle free way. So call us today at 02 8011 1075

Central Coast Car Removals
Central Coast Car Removals